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Pantone launches more than 300 new colours!

Pantone, new colours, colors, Nyman Ink

Hey colour lovers, great news! Pantone Inc., everyone's favourite authority on the rainbow, has just announced the launch of  336 new colours (or, colors, if you're American).

Dog names for graphic designers

dog names for graphic designers

Saw this fun graphic from CMYBacon the other day and wanted to share.

Do YOU respect photographers' rights?

photographer's rights, Nyman Ink

Every day, a photograph is used without the photographer's consent.

This is the sentiment behind a new advertising campaign put out by the Union des Photographes Professionnels, a French group that represents pro shutterbugs.

SEO isn't everything (you need to update!)

SEO, Nyman Ink

Fact: the best information doesn't always rank high in search engine results. In other words, when you Google something, the top results aren't always the best results.

So easy a monkey could do it

so easy monkey Nyman Ink

The expression "it's so easy a monkey could do it" has been around for a long time and it's been twisted, reworded and reworked so often, for so many different purposes, it seems to have gone right past cliché onto the other side, where, strangely, it's become cool again.

Big Sisters makes ads that are short and sweet

Big Sisters, non-profit, Nyman Ink

Big Sisters has always been a not-for-profit close to my heart. I volunteered with the organization as an undergraduate (in group settings and at events), but I never took the plunge to become a full-fledged volunteer, with one specific "little sister" of my own. I worried that too great a time commitment would be required, and I feared I wasn't ready to make a long-term promise to a little girl who I might have to disappoint. Instead, in my 20s, I became a troupe leader and member of Girl Guides of Canada, and put Big Sisters on the back burner.

Writing better guest blogs

How to guest blog

Lately, Nyman Ink has been receiving offers from guest bloggers. This is great in one sense – it means our blog is getting noticed and that’s a nice thing. Also, as the company’s (relatively) lone blogger, I admit to feeling a little blogging fatigue at times, and it would be nice to have some guest bloggers to take up the slack once in awhile.

What is "the cloud" and why should you care?

what is the cloud?

The first time I heard reference to "the cloud," I was immediately dismissive. It was, I guessed, just another marketing term, designed to make something technological sound like something magical ─ designed, in other words, to make me buy something.

Turns out I was wrong. At least partly. As "the cloud" slipped more and more into our collective consciousness, I decided I ought to try and understand it and how it might be used.

Grammar goofs that make you look silly

Good infographics aren't exactly hard to find, but good ones about grammar don't come around very often. Today we are sharing the latest amusing, editing-focussed infographic from Copy Blogger.

It defines and warns of 15 common mistakes you may be making on a regular basis. Beware and be educated.

The LICC (another cool contest)

LICC, winner, Nyman Ink, contest

I decided to blog today about The London International Creative Competition (LICC) for a number of different reasons. First off, you have to love a contest whose main ingredient is creativity. The LICC is open to just about anyone, doing anything creative, anywhere. You've got to appreciate that sort of accessibility. It invites passionate artists, regardless of experience or nationality, to submit work. (By the way, when I say London, I mean the city in England, not the one in Ontario.)

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