It's time to say goodbye

Goodbye from Nyman Ink

They say all good things must come to an end, friends, and as it turns out, that time has come for Nyman Ink. After countless newsletters, websites, brochures and fundraising campaigns (not to mention all the other stuff we’ve done), more than 60 awards and a full 22 years in business, we’re creatively exhausted and ready for a break. Two decades is a long time to keep going at full speed, and while we’ve loved every minute of it, we think it’s time to give it a rest.

Nyman Ink’s doors will officially close on Friday, August 31, 2012. In the meantime, we’ll be wrapping up our final projects and tying up loose ends.

But, fear not. We don’t plan to leave you high and dry. Though our physical office will be no more, our website,, will remain up and running to allow you to keep accessing all of our free resources, from whitepapers to blog posts. And though we’re getting out the design and marketing biz, we know you’ll still need great marketing professionals to help you with your future communications needs. With that in mind, Judy Nyman, our founder and fearless leader, will also remain available in case you need a referral or have any questions. When the doors close, Judy will be reachable via email at jnyman [at] nymanink [dot] com and by phone at 416-587-5847.

We sincerely thank you for 22 wonderful years of business, friendship and referrals. We don’t know where we’ll end up next, but we wish you all the best of luck with your future businesses, ventures and plans.

It's been grand.


Judy Nyman, Bonnie Jackson, Nicola McHughen, Jen Selk, Scott Hamel

The Team at Nyman Ink

P.S. For the time being, our blog, website and social media accounts will remain available online, but we will not be updating them.

Get endorsed, get noticed

nonprofit celebrity endorsement

Before I worked for and with not-for-profits directly, I thought the most important thing about any organization was what it did – literally, how the charity addressed one particular problem. That was the only thing that mattered to me when deciding where to allocate my time and donor dollars. What I’ve learned from my time on the inside is that charming potential supporters isn’t always so simple. These days, with the rise of watchdog organizations and the proliferation of multiple charities supporting the same or similar issues, sometimes what you do isn’t as important as those who say you’re doing it well. Legitimacy and credibility don’t come from action alone.

Big Sisters makes ads that are short and sweet

Big Sisters, non-profit, Nyman Ink

Big Sisters has always been a not-for-profit close to my heart. I volunteered with the organization as an undergraduate (in group settings and at events), but I never took the plunge to become a full-fledged volunteer, with one specific "little sister" of my own. I worried that too great a time commitment would be required, and I feared I wasn't ready to make a long-term promise to a little girl who I might have to disappoint. Instead, in my 20s, I became a troupe leader and member of Girl Guides of Canada, and put Big Sisters on the back burner.

New PETA campaign, new controversy

Peta campaign battered women 2012

Saw a very interesting piece on Care2 today and wanted to share. (Have you heard of Care2? If you're in the not-for-profit sphere, it's worth checking out. Essentially, Care2 is a social networking site designed to connect activists. According to Wikipedia, it has more than 17 million members and is dedicated to helping people make the world a better place by connecting them with the individuals, organizations and responsible businesses making an impact.)

Today's piece was about the new PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) advertising campaign.

Could your not-for-profit start a side business?

not for profit funding sources business

Before yesterday, I'd never considered the idea of a not-for-profit running a business in order to fund a mission. It's just not an idea that had ever crossed my mind. But on February 18th, in the Globe and Mail, Toronto's own Craig and Marc Kielburger (of Free the Children) produced an article on the subject, in answer to the following question:

"We are a small non-profit organization with few funding sources, but recently one of our members developed a marketable product that would help boost our revenue stream. Should we take on this project within the existing organization, or start a second social-enterprise company for it?"

The Kielburgers responded to the latter idea with a resounding yes .

Happy Valentine's Day from [Your Charity Here]

Using holidays and special occasions to launch special initiatives and fundraisers for your business or not-for-profit is kind of a no-brainer. After all, holidays are a natural way to mark the progression of a year. They come complete with a theme in place, and they're well-known, so if you're trying to market around, for example, St. Patrick's day, half the work is already done for you. (Green? Shamrocks? Luck? These images and ideas are built-in. Not much creative thought involved.) All you have to do is come up with a way to tie your organization into the holiday.

Since today is Valentine's Day, perhaps one of the best possible tie-in holidays for a savvy not-for-profit, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the business-based charity initiatives that are making headlines this year.

Award-winning not-for-profit ads

Every January, I start thinking about the Super Bowl. Not because I enjoy American football (I don't), but because I enjoy seeing the commercials that run during the Super Bowl broadcast. In the marketing/advertising world, these commercials make a major impact, and it's always smart for those in our business to keep an eye on what runs, and what works on Super Bowl Sunday.

Newsjacking: what not-for-profits need to know

Newsjacking. Have you heard of it? It's a phrase that has been bouncing around the not-for-profit sector a lot lately, but admittedly, it took me a while to figure out what it means.

As for a former journalist, I was curious. "Newsjacking" doesn't sound good, exactly, but neither does it sound too bad. I assumed it is some sort of guerilla tactic, a term coined to describe a new way for not-for-profits to garner notice in mainstream media. Turns out, I wasn't so far off the mark.

Cheer in the new year

Well, it's January and we've got news:

the results of the 2012 Nyman Ink Holiday Give-a-Thon are IN!

This year, the Give-a-Thon pulled in nearly 22,000 votes in the month of December. Judy's pick (The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre) pulled ahead early, and while Nicola's charity (endMS) followed closely behind for much of the month, the PMCC eventually emerged as the clear winner. The voting results for each of the charities are as follows:

Supporting endMS

This year I decided to throw my support behind endMS, an initiative of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada that aims to raise $60 million to fund research activities surrounding the causes and potential cures of this unpredictable disease.

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